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Hans is a futurist with an almost life-long background as informal educator, opinionmaker and freelance writer on a wide range of topics, but in particular focusing on "big questions" involving the Earth, the cosmos, the evolution of life and intelligence, and how it all relates to our current and future existence.

Currently, Hans is working on a combined book & video series about the art of "Seeing Beyond" - both in our daily lives and when observing the outside. We are all stuck in our own local realities with made-up values and believes which we like to call "Truths". But they are all subjective, and there are nothing universal about them. What would an advanced alien intelligence say about reality, about us and the cosmos? Do we have a future at all? And if we have, what mysteries and achievements are awaiting us in the long term? What will become of us?

Hans is also actively engaged in many initiatives belong to what he is calling "Key Projects" for the future of Humankind, including promoting the expansion of Humanity to planet Mars, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and several futurist/transhumanist research topics such as SIM/Mind Uploading & Human-AI/Singularity prospects. He is frequently freelancing writing articles and essays and holding lectures reflecting on these and other visionary but often speculative "frontier science" topics.

And although he spend less time in Sweden nowadays, he also gives his active support to the legendary Swedish Space Society (Svenska Rymdsallskapet, formerly known as the Swedish Space Movement) which he co-founded back in 1984, and which still today remains Sweden's only established space association focusing on spaceflight rather than astronomy.

As an Educator and World Citizen, Hans gives his support to many international friendship and cooperation initiatives, including European integration and closer ties between young people in East & West. During his stays in China, he is often invited by schools, institutions, corporations and government offices to work with students and employees seeking to improve their English language and international, cultural knowledge using his casual, real-life teaching style.

Hans is engaged in several innovative business ventures, including an innovative chain of multi-purpose shops which can function both as cafes, stores, cinemas, art halls, museums, planetariums and English training centers in one, fused into a sort of cultural meeting places for young and modern people wishing to widen their horizons. He is also developing a new brand of gift products linked to a series of hybrid Science-Art-Music videos on various exciting topics. Once again two projects featuring his unique approach of combining pleasure with learning!

Hans always welcome to hear from likemindeds, and would be more than happy to help support or publicize various initiatives within his fields of interest.






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