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The exchange of ideas and thoughts between individuals has always played a part in the growth of civilizations, and for Hans as well. This is a partial list of friends and others who have inspired him through the years. With warm thanks.

Carl Sagan (1934-1996)
Dr. Sagan was a prominent NASA scientist, author and public educator. His TV-series Cosmos made a huge impact on Hans, as he almost poetically connected our quest for the stars with all aspects of Human culture. Sagan was a scientist, but for Hans, he was a source of spiritual inspiration. Carl Sagan met Hans on several occasions, commending him for his work and starry family name.

Elon Musk
If I would mention only one visionary entrepreneur here, it had to be Elon Musk. He is the guy who doesn't only talk about changing the world, he does it. He make electric cars for Earth and spaceships that could take us to planet Mars. And not just for the money, but because he believes it's important. For the future of Humankind, and for his personal dreams. I'd like to know him!

Eugen Semitjov (1923-1987)
Semitjov brought the future to Sweden. A reporter/illustrator with Russian roots, he got a unique insight in early Space Age events. He also wrote about amazing topics like telepathy & time travels, and eventually became Hans' close friend.

Peter Nilson (1937-1998)
Peter Nilson was the astronomer who became an admired writer. His unique style combined science with myth and local tales with cosmological reflections. Peter later got to know Hans and also contributed to his millennium interviews.

Ralph Lundsten
Sweden's internationally recognized electronic music pioneer. Hans & Ralph, who know each other, also share the same appreciation for the beauty of our cosmic nature, deploring old groupthinking associated with religion, sports and politics.

Richard Dawkins
Prominent British biologist and humanist engaged in the public debate against collective religion, creationism, false beliefs and superstition. He has written several bestselling books on these topics, and also introduced the term "meme"
to show that ideas can evolve much like genes.

Nick Bostrom
Researcher and philosopher known for issues related to the future evolution and survival of living beings in the cosmos, including both ourselves and possible ETs, and related transhuman questions on AI, the mind & singularity. Great thinker!

Informal Science Educators everywhere
A few decades ago, we learned science from schools and professional journals. They were accurate, but not always inspirational. Lately, that has changed. Although the Internet is full of beliefs and pseudosciences, there is also a new wave of young educators & opinionmakers out there, using new methods to get the word out - even art, music & poetry. You're a great source of inspiration!






Hans Starlife at Guangzhou Science Center, China
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