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"A merging of minds, a crying for more.
But she ain't the material girl next door"


Is there life out in the depths of space,
exotic beings heading for your place -
That's something nobody knows,
except for Doug and his Darling

Yearningly he gazes into the night,
scanning the sky for a gleaming light
silently him whispering and hailing
- Where art thou, my dear?

Dreaming himself many parsecs away
he finally meets his sweetheart again,
kissing and cuddling and making out;
long-distance love with an alien.

No road is too long, no sky is too high
for those who are meant for each other;
When stars align, hearts start to beat -
romantic nights will last forever.

A merging of minds, a crying for more!
But she ain't the material girl next door;
Antimatter friends causes many woes -
They annihilate you from top to toes.





Copyright © Hans L.D.G. Starlife and the Starlife Group 2009-2013. All Rights Reserved.