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Hans Starlife's artistic works spans many themes and mediums,
ranging from modern abstract art and cosmic landscape paintings, to digitalized multimedia installations and sculptural designs. He has also provided numerous illustrations to books, magazines & websites - as well as a high-profile greeting card collection.

The most common agents in Hans' art must be Beauty & Magic, perfectly blended to inspire and awaken our minds. Another key
theme is Contrast and the mixing of stuff you can't experience in
everyday life, thrilling our imagination. (Ever seen nude girls
floating among galaxies, or planets splashing into cocktails?)

But there is also a deeper meaning behind this approach: by
visualizing moments which haven't happened - but which can or
could have happened - he encourages us to widen our horizons
and ask What if? His vision of "space totems" is one example.
In that sense, his art complements his other activities.

From is early 2D productions in oil and acrylic, Hans later shifted his focus to digital art and multimedia productions. Today, he is growingly working with larger 3D installations for both indoor & outdoor use, requiring extensive knowhow of both design, style, architecture, light effects and environment & technical aspects as well.

When time permits, Hans also accepts commercial orders for custom-made art and installations.





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