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Ever since the dawn of Man, we have
faced our natural world in awe. And
when we saw something we couldn't
explain, we used our imagination.
To many native tribes, each
object and phenomenon in
nature come to represent a
spirit to be worshipped.

But what if they encountered all
the magic of our modern society?
Surely, our spacecrafts must have
looked like Gods descending from
the Heavens!

And, what if we
ourselves one day
descend to some
other planet which
are inhabited by
a more primitive
people, influencing
the paths of their
cultures, beliefs,
tales & traditions...

"Spaceship Totem" is
a proposed wooden
sculpture exhibit which
builds on the traditions
of the native American
northwest-coast indians.

How would they have
interpreted our space-age
machines on their totems?
Indeed, some spaceships
do look like animals with
big wings, sharp eyes
or sprawling legs...






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