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Life and Existence:

Life in a Virtual Universe

A Look Beyond the Anthill

Our Intelligent Nature

Future of Intelligence:

Fermi's Paradox: Where are They?

Meeting the Real E.T.

Do the Aliens really Care?

Growth and Survival:

Unsustainable Earth

Global Threats as Evolutionary Catalysts


Additional essays & videos to be added!
Partial list of upcoming topics (more details here)

1. The Case Against Believing

2. Natural vs. Cultural Realities

3. Intelligence & Interactivity in Nature

4. Feelings & Flexibility in Future Society

5. Humankind vs. Planet Earth

6. Humans, Aliens and Universes

7. The Globalization of East & West

8. Who Speaks for Europe?






Recommended Sites

There are literally thousands of fact-
based scientific websites out there, but few visualizing the joy & beauty of life, evolution and the universe as described by science. Carl Sagan did. And these ones, created by a new generation of visionaries, continue in the same spirit. Please support them.

Reid Gower

John D. Boswell

Callum C.J. Sutherland

Like bold visions and transhumanism? Then you'll like futurist Gray Scott:



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