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Let's extrapolate a little, using plain logic and scientific data, and you'll find a stirring and somewhat disturbing problem concerning our very existence here...

Today, we've got a technological civilization for a few hundred years at the most. And now, we don't only fly to other worlds in space. We also develop new Virtual Worlds becoming growingly hard to distinct from our real world.

And, we are already developing Artificial Intelligence which are predicted to surpass the Human mind in just a century, thereby becoming capable of taking over and speeding up our scientific and technical progress even more. The entire biological phase
of our technical civilization may pass in only a few centuries!

But that's not all. Using statistical probability, scientists now predict there should be alien life and intelligence on countless worlds across the galaxy. Many should have developed technical, spacefaring civilizations which already have existed for millions
or even billions of years, appearing godlike to us.

But if they're so incredibly evolved, they should already be here. So where are they? This dilemma is called Fermi's Paradox. It's a mystery. Until you suddenly make the connection: If we Humans can create Virtual Realities and Artificial Minds which are smarter than us after a few hundred years of technical evolution, what then could these alien intelligences do after millions of years?

The logical answer becomes that they may be destined to create entire virtual universes with intelligent, conscious beings like us. And that, in turn, means we are simply a bunch of fictive, virtual beings confined to a fictive, virtual universe. We, and everything we see around us, are made up of code hosted inside a cosmic software, a virtual world which to us feels real in every sense,
but where we can never look "outside".

If that's the case, the aliens are real, but we are not. Unless,
of course, these aliens also are made up of code - just like we some day might create our own virtual universes with conscious characters. An infinite regression up and down!

Maybe these aliens even chose to escape to this virtual universe themselves, trying to survive the limitations of their original and perhaps dying universe? Information is certainly easier to move between different environments than large physical objects.

But if everything is virtual, what's real then? And who started it? We are back on "square one" again, left with a number of rather philosophical questions...





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