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Our civilization is merely an anthill in the woods... A world buzzing with the murmurs of myriads of beings which - much like ants - run around preoccupied dealing with their everyday life matters... jobs, business, politics, beliefs and pleasures, all taken very seriously.

That is our local reality. However, we are all largely unaware of the much greater reality which awaits just a few steps beyond, and which existed long before ours. We can't see everything which might be out there, and if we do observe something exotic - say Dark Energy - we have very diffficult to understand what we see.

Today, at least a few of us "ants" have begun to ponder the great beyond, making small excursions in our anthill surroundings - well, perhaps more resembling bees swarming around a beehive. I think it's wise. A society confined to one small single location - say an island in the ocean - is very vulnerable and can easily perish if living conditions change. Like the Apollo Moonwalking astronaut John Young so famously concluded, "Single-planet species don't last".

And as we look into the depths of space, we can't help but asking ourselves the eternal question: Are we alone? Are there other anthills or beehives out there we can make contact with? It has lately become a very popular topic. And we search and listen. We are simply yearning to know. We even try to send them messages.

But so far, we hear nothing. Where are they? Too big distance, too hard to evolve? Do we communicate in the wrong way? Or maybe they are already here, in secret? The theories are many, but we forget that we are a new and very primitive species. Any intelligence out there may be god-like entities with a billion years of progress.

Compare to them, if they exist, we are like an anthill or behive in the forests. Ants know little about the world around them. They are just busy struggling with their own daily lives. It could be a tall building next to them, and they wouldn't notice it. And if they could, they would still not understand what they saw!

It is precisely the same way with us. Our Earth is simply an anthill in the woods.
We can't see everything which might be out there. You could have intelligence life, other dimensions and even other universes popping up all around you - literally in front of your nose, perhaps right now while we're talking - whithout realizing it. We are still pretty much stumbling in the dark.

Perhaps we will never understand it all, and many don't even care, as long as they get by everyday life. It also depends on how you view "the meaning of life". Some are perfectly satisfied with eating, socializing, making careers and building families. But not me. As I grew up, watching my friends move out to pursue nearly identical goals in life, I always asked: "Is this all? Isn't there anything more to life?"

At least we should care about these larger schemes for other reasons. For example, right now a huge asteroid could be heading for our planet, soon killing us all off in a matter of minutes. We can never be sure. What does it matter then, if you get that big payrise, or if your sport team wins that game? I really wanna know!

Let's show that we're more than ants, let's open our eyes and widen our horizons, and at least try to look beyond. Beyond our daily lives & occupations, beyond our local reality, beyond our own limited place in space and time.
Let's be curious!





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