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So what about intelligence which is not restricted to a single body? Well, just think of the fast development of the Internet and our own computer networks. An Internet which quite soon may be directly connected to our brains. If you extrapolate that ongoing process, it might well some day in the future turn us into a "global brain". And then, perhaps, into a "cosmic brain".

One scenario is what scientists call "Matrioshka Brains", centered around a solar system, but you could also imagine an omnipresent type of godlike, intelligent energy which basically becomes one with nature: a concept also mentioned by the late scientist Carl Sagan in his book "The Cosmic Connection"...

The native peoples of America - the American Indians - along with Australian Aboriginals and most other indigenous peoples - have always seen Nature as being alive, souled and sacred, and they have paid great respect to it. Today, the modern Pantheist movement has a similar perspective, at least in regard to the "paying respect" part. Perhaps something our busy, industrialised world ought to take up again?

In fact, scientists recently discovered that some plants have the ability to help each other. They are emitting chemicals to warn each other when there is a danger, for example an animal wanting to eat them. Perhaps, everything in Nature is alive in a similar fashion, although for more simple forms of matter, it may be more subtle; we simply can't see it or measure it yet.

As my friend, Swedish composer and electronic music pioneer Ralph Lundsten poetically has put it: "All is Life, though in different stages of consciousness. In the stone it's sleeping, in the flower it's dreaming, in the animal it's awakening, and in the Human it's activated."

In our holistic cosmos, we are starting to realize that everything is part of the same whole. Exotic quantum particles, atoms, energies, the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, the rocks and the rainbows, you and me, our planet and sun, the distant stars and the galaxies beyond, our entire universe...

Perhaps, in some deep subtle way, we also share some kind of inherited cosmic awareness. Say "Hello" to your cosmic cousins... they are all around you!





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