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Also, a planet should be operated in a similar fashon as a big business: If we are always defensive, trying to protect what we have, but never being progressive, trying to move forward and build new, we will also be doomed. It's with our future as with doing business: You always gotta be ONE STEP AHEAD.

Second - and this is critical knowledge - the Earth is NOT sustainable. Not to us moderm Humans, unless we want to go back to our earliest ancestors, before we started to use different metals for our tools.

There is a persistant call from environmentalists, that we've "gone too far" and need to "slow down". In other words, building a sustainable world by stopping economic growth. Because we have reached our limits. But whose limits? The limits of our Earth or our civilization? They never ever clarify that, because it is considered to be the same. But it's not; not anymore. We must learn to make a distinction between Humankind, and planet Earth. The possibillities here on Earth are indeed limited. But our possibillities beyond, are not.

And in any case, their calls for zero growth wouldn't work. First of all because even if some countries in the West genuinely attempt this, others in Asia and Africa will not. They will continue to pursue the same wealth people in the West built themselves a century ago, no matter what! Often living in China, I know this very well myself. And for that reason, it will be impossible to make the whole world comply with zero growth - or even a slowed-down growth.

Second, because even if we could slow down growth, we would still continue to use up our planet's resources. No matter how much we try to save and recycle, using renewable energy and so forth, some day some resources will be depleted. We can only "extend the suffering", so to speak. And suffering it will be: Already today we can see political and military conflicts arise around limited regional resources. It will be followed by bloody wars, uprisings, famines, epedemics, poverty and more... before we eventually fade away into history.

The only alternative to this scenario, is to continue growth beyond Earth, where nearly endless resources awaits us. Using them, we can secure our future, both on Earth and beyond. By continuing economic and industrial growth in space, we can gain the means to give everyone - every individual and country on Earth -
a decent and prosperous life. While at the same time giving our precious home planet a chance to recover and become the paradise it was meant to be.

There is no other option, really. If you care about Earth, about the environment, about your grandchildren, this is the only option. Unlike what some say, it's not a question about Earth OR Space, it's about Earth AND Space - or nothing.

It is also very natural. Some people think we have nothing to do in space, that it's unnatural. But on the contrary, it is natural for Life to expand. All species take every chance they can to expand beyond their original location, no matter where it takes them. If a life form can go somewhere, it will. Dandelions and pine trees and sand worms would too. If they don't, it's because they can't. That is the natural behaviour of all biological life forms, in order to increase
their chances of survival. It's programmed into our DNA's.






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