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Threats as Evolutionary Catalysts

This relationship between problems and progress have continued throughout history until this very day. Crisis have always been the mother of invention. Take a look at life during World War II, for example: When people had a tough time, they somehow managed to develop new, simplier or cheaper solutions
that nobody really had thought about before.

At the same time, despite all the tragedies of war, the research & development that helped us end the World War, also helped our scientific and technological knowhow to make a enormous leap forward. A process which in the first few decades after the war lead to countless civilian uses boosting both our health, mobility and living standard.

- One spin-off was the space program that sent people to the Moon; a program which in turn also generated loads of new spin-offs for people on Earth.

More recently, many of us have been suffering from the global economic turmoil, causing suffering and lack of funds for millions of people. But while some prefer to merely complain about it, others have seen it as a driver of innovation. An economic crisis can be a business opportunity too. People will need new services that help them manage tougher competition, or enter new markets, or develop new innovative products.

In times of crisis and challenges, we think harder and become more innovative. We are not just continuing consuming in some Status Quo-kind of environment, slowly stagnating in the process, like those primeval species in the water pond. For example, we focus more on research and development. And as a result, in the end we will come out stronger, with bigger brains and bigger capabilities.

This process is also at work, when we now once again are facing our age-old companion, the climate change. We can't see it now, but it will be very clear to our future decendants. Once again, we have to evolve and think hard in order
to survive. And in that sense, I am actually welcoming the environmental and climatological changes we are confronting now: We will come out stronger.

We have walked down this path before. And once again, we may have to cancel doomsday. Because problems are challenges. They generate progress. They are good for our "growing up" as a species, for our civilization's "Coming of Age"...
for our future survival and evolution in a long-term perspective... Whether it takes place down here on Earth, or perhaps, somewhere else






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