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If we can figure out how these intelligences are, after perhaps millions of years of progress, then we get a good hint of our own future. And - if we don't find anyone else out there - except perhaps for simple microbes on planets like Mars or Moons like Jupiter's Europa; worlds which ALMOST became hospitable - then we also know something about our future:

Either, that we don't have one, that something kills us off or prevents us from developing much further. Or, that we actually are the first intelligence to arise
in the universe - however unlikely that seems.

So the truth is, this search is really about us - about our destiny. If we know how intelligent life elsewhere evolve, we will also have an idea where we might be heading. Likewise, if we can predict our own future path as Humans, we can also get an idea how any intelligent aliens might be like. Here, transhumanists and AI researchers do a god job.

Think about it: We have been a technological civilization for a few hundred years. Now, scientists predict that in only a century more or so, we may be able to develop artificial intelligences more advanced than we ourselves are. Supersmart machines which then - since they are smarter than us - can develop even smarter machines themselves, practically leaving us Humans beyond and starting a new branch on the evolutionary tree.

So, what about an alien technological civilization that has endured for a million years, or even a billion years? How far have they reached? It's beyond our imagination. We Humans are far closer to ants and worms, than to these intelligences, which to us would seem godlike in every sense...





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