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So that can happen in the near future, relatively speaking. If our technological phase will last only a few centuries - SETI scientist Seth Shostak has suggested 400 years - how likely is it then that we will find an alien civilization which are just at our stage in evolution, having the very same interests and needs as us? Any technological intelligences out there having the capability of conquering us could have existed for millions of years, making them 'godlike' in every sense.

What would they want from us? Beer and Pizza? Because any other resources than those invented by us, all those resources our planet itself hosts, would be easier and faster obtained elsewhere. They would not desparately look for an Earthlike world to 'strip mine'. They have no need for that. That's Hollywood.

I have often compared our Human civilization to an anthill in the forest. It's a fitting comparison in many ways... First of all, the ants know nothing about the world around them. They are busy struggling with their own little lives. It could be a skyscraper rising just a hundred meters away, and they wouldn't see it. And even if they did, they couldn't make sense of it. It's the same with us,
when we now gaze into the universe...

Secondly, do we really care about some remote anthill deep in our forests? Unless they are unlucky enough to be in the way of a new highway, most of
us would simply ignore them. Surely, some biologists study their behaviour.
And some research what role they play in the ecological system. Nowadays,
we might even act to avoid them from going extinct. But we would certainly
not try to communicate with them, sending them our diplomatic "greetings"...

Today, many see us as different from the animals, as if we are a new category of life. For most laymen, there are plants, animal & Humans. (Among scientists, there are a few more categories.) But this is an illlusion. To our descendants in the future, likely to be "machines", today's Humans will be just another animal, the highest of the biological life forms; the animal that were advanced enough
to invent Artificial Intelligence and it's new branch on the evolutionary tree.

And I believe it is exactly the same with any technological ET's in the galaxy. Because they too would have walked down the same path. And they too would likely be machines. They would see very little difference between Humans and other animals on Earth. As a result, there would be no need to conquer us, and also no need to communicate with us. After all, how in the world do you explain a million years of scientific achievement to some primitive life forms like ants?

...If we are lucky, however, they may wish to save us, as a part of the galactic ecology, from becoming extinct... just like we recently have started to care for our fellow species here on Earth. And that's not too bad, is it???





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