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For over 30 years, Hans L.D.G. Starlife has been advising both
individuals, businesses, scientists, media and public sector on a
wide range of topics related to his work.

From general topics such as future trends, to specific issues concerning outreach and project strategies, he has enriched our society with a broader, more visionary perspective than traditional consulting firms - and at a much lower cost.

A long-term business leader and corporate executive himself,
his professional experience extends far beyond the artistic and
literary involvement presented on this website.

It's this broad and blended background, combined with his innovative, holistic approach, which helps him to see society from multiple angles - a great advantage in a world of ever-growing competition.

Hans can offer his services both on case-by-case basis and
through long-time collaboration.

For further information and evaluation of specific needs, please send us your description here.






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