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Over the years, Hans Starlife has been an active supporter of several future-oriented initiatives, both as an Advisor, Speaker, Board Member, Campaigner and other functions.

The main difference between the Consulting Services and these Partnerships, is that the latter implies a personal participation in another legal body, rather than merely being hired for a fee. Instead of charging for a service, it may involve profit-sharing, co-ownerships, mututal support & promotion of each other's objectives, publicity, strategic connections, or other types of more indirect benefits.

Businesses and organizations may send proposals here
(no funding requests please).

Examples of previous engagements (space-themed):

Swedish Space Movement: Director and Editor
L5 Society, National Representative
Space Studies Institute, National Representative
The Planetary Society: National Representative and
Observer to the United Nations Millennium NGO Forum
Mars Society, Speaker and Writer
Galaxy Forum/Beijing Planetarium, Speaker

Cosmica (World) Network, Founder and President

Examples of previous engagements (Earth-themed):

The International Association of World Citizens, Member
The World Federalist Movement, Sweden, Member
The International World Calendar Association, Director
UN Millennium NGO Forum, New York, Delegate

Mosaika Furnitures, China, Online Marketing
Planetica/IPSM, Spain, Online Marketing
Planeti Network, Sweden, Director
Solenci Services Ltd, UK, Director

Jiayou Friendship English, China, Director






Hans was a delegate to the United Nations Millennium NGO Forum in New York.

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