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For the last three decades, Hans L.D.G. Starlife has used his extensive knowledge and inside experiences for countless of freelance writing assignments, hired by both newspapers, magazines, book publishers, blogs and other online media.

From exciting reporting scientific breakthroughs and future trends, to interviews with famous artists and astronauts, he has covered topics and geographical locations ranging from China's role in the world to Human missions to planet Mars.

It's this broad and blended background, combined with his innovative, holistic approach, which helps him to see society from multiple angles, a great advantage in today's world.

Lately, he has also added video presentations to this agenda. Online multimedia plays a growingly important role in getting messages out, especially to young people and combined with social media.

Hans can offer his services within freelance writings and video presentation both on case-by-case basis and through long-time collaboration. Hans mainly focus on the creative sides of these services, while technical work is done by third parties.

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