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Meet Hans L.D.G. Starlife; one of our time's leading visionaries and opinionmakers! For several decades, he has taken us on exciting journeys through space and time, helping us to widen our horizons, predicting the future and seeing beyond.

Brilliantly merging art and science with journalistic work & public education, Hans is dealing with the biggest, most far-reaching challenges & opportunities ahead of us - issues like transhuman evolution, AI, SETI, living on Mars, the nature of our universe, space & time, unexplained phenomena and so forth. But in order to grasp it, you'll first need to understand the world around you, how it's related, why we are here, and where we're heading.

- Th
e cosmos must have given me an outsider's perspective on things, he says. Frankly, I've never felt at home on this planet, but more like an observer from beyond; some kind of "Starman" or visitor from the future, surprised over how primitive Human civilization still is; it's shortsightedness, constructed realities, and lack of objective thinking. I had my work laid out for me!

Hans Starlife's work spans eons and lightyears. But long-range perspectives are often neglected in our shallow fast-paced time. Exploring them is an educational effort of great importance for both our species and individual growth. It can also be beautiful: Hans often merges scientific speculations with existential reflections and estethically appealing presentations - almost forging a new art form.

Hans Starlife's groundbreaking ideas and work have won him worldwide recognition. He has been a delegate to UN meetings and worked with both scientists, business leaders, entertainers, organizations, schools, museums an
d institutions around the world. He is available for public presentations and various other assignments covering a wide range of "big" topics. He always enjoys hearing from likemindeds.


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