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Hans L.D.G. Starlife is a child of the Space Age. Born in Sweden in 1961, just weeks before Humanity became a spacefaring civilization, later viewing Saturn through his brother's telescope and the first Moon landing live on TV, he early chose the Stars as his destiny. Later, inspired by the late scientist Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" TV-series, he even changed his family name to reflect his passion -
a move praised by Sagan himself.

Instead of a sci-tech career, however, Hans pursued an artistic-literary path, joining art exhibitions and publishing poetry books, often in combination with various public education initiatives in order to inspire people on the need for cosmic growth and a range of other future-oriented topics.

In the early 80's, after touring the emerging space movement in the States, Hans started Sweden's first modern space group, the Swedish Space Society, while also working for the US groups L5 Society and The Planetary Society. In the 90's/00's, he was engaged in the Mars Society, World Space Week, the Galaxy Forums and his own Cosmica project, addressing issues ranging from Cosmic Culture and Space Law to optical SETI and Life on Mars.

But Hans has also been involved in many other areas, helping people to widen their horizons and see beyond right here on Earth. Over the years, he has made presentations on topics ranging from globalization and European integration to cultural differences and English language education in China.

In 2000, acting as an observer for The Planetary Society, he was a delegate to the historic UN Millennium NGO Forum in New York. He has also been a Director of the International World Calendar Association, campaigning for calendar reform, and a member of the Association of World Citizens.

Starlife has featured in numerous publications, radio & TV shows, and his name can be found on worlds across the Solar System.





Starlife with NASA astronaut Kathryn Sullivan at the International Astronautical Congress 1985. Dr. Sullivan has later been appointed Assistant Secretary of Commerce in President Obama's administration.
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