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A Man from Beyond, an Agent of Evolution, an International Man of Mystery.... he's been called by many names. And Hans Starlife is certainly a cosmopolitan, having his family and businesses spread out through both Europe, America, Asia and Australia. But not only that, he also have a universal, holistic worldview.

In fact, there is a cosmic timelessness about Hans Starlife. While all the rest of us run about like ants, busy keeping up with new trends or fighting each other in sports, politics, religion or even family matters, he appears more like an observer from the beyond, someone studying our planet from above. Almost like a visitor from space ...or the future!

- When I was a kid in the early space age, I thought we had come pretty far. But the longer I live, the more primitive I realize our species are. Our thinking, behaviours and reasoning are still that of cavemen. Frankly, we are not on the same level, this world and me. And that makes me feel lonely, as if I was born a millennium too early, he says.

Even worse, much of what we Humans fight about are things we have made up ourselves. Religions, traditions, values, laws, politics and borders, they are all invented, just like the fairytales we read to our kids. In that broad sense, they are not real and thus not worth taking too seriously. Only Nature is truly real.
It doesn't hate, fight, cheat or conspire - making it a good friend.

Hans has always embraced the inhereted naturalness of growth, change and evolution. But not everyone does. Therefore, he uses his visions to help us widen our horizons and see beyond, exploring our place & role in the larger scheme of things, as well as the deep interconnectedness of everything from the smallest quantum particles to flowers, trees, Humans, planets & galaxies.

In this work, our emerging upgrowth into the cosmos has been his favorite topic. It is the perfect symbol of Nature's evolution at work... growing, awakening, sowing the seeds of Life. "It's beautiful" he says. And not only visually: actions and processes - both our own and those of Nature - can also be beautiful. But these perspectives also makes him stand out from traditional space enthusiasts, who mainly work with the hard sciences, technologies & profitability of space.

For example, when Hans looks at planets, stars and galaxies, he does't always think of telescopes and rockets. Instead he may think of wildflowers, butterflies & leaves fluttering in the breeze. Likewise, if he takes a walk among wildflowers and butterflies and leaves fluttering in the breeze, he may sense an intoxicating holistic presence of stars and galaxies, of cosmic evolution in the making...

Hans has always had a rational but positive outlook, appreciating people with a sound amount of common sense. He also rejects collective identities & mindsets, including those of religions, party politics, nationalism and many sports, as they foster a negative 'We versus Them' mentality. Hans doesn't see the world in black and white, so often it's no meaning to ask him which side he is on!

Often, he has a reversed set of priorities, compared to others: He sees the universe as more important than the Earth. And the Earth as more important than continental interests. But that means he also sees continental interests, such as the EU, as more important than the interests of its member nations!

But despite his many Big Visions, Hans sees beauty and wonders even in the smallest of things. He gets along extremely well with both kids and animals, and enjoys wine, the fine arts, botanic gardens and cultural exchange, but also exotic topics like SETI, AI, terraforming, time travel, multiverse theories, transhumanism & mind uploading and even (the scientific investigation of) paranormal phenomena!





"When I was a kid in the early space age, I thought we had come pretty far. But Human behaviours and reasoning are still that of cavemen. Frankly, we are not on the same level - this world and me."
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