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Space Daily (external link)
Media's Hype Distorts NASA's Reality

The Space Review (external links)

1. NASA and the Case for Earth: A Bad Marriage

2. Needed: A Change of Focus - and a New Myth

Red Colony (external link)
Nature's Agenda: Our Evolutionary Drive to Space

Cosmica Project [RTF/Word files]

Saving Earth through Cosmic Growth
Bridging the Differences: A new environmentalism for a new millennium.

Free Will in the Evolutionary Universe
What is driving us to expand our civilization in the universe?

Time to Replace the Myths
From alien visitors to Human settlers: Time to replace our "life in space" myths

Dragons from Space
How fiery space debris may have turned into tales of dragons and serpents.

Setting Sail for the Ecopelago
Our galaxy is a meadow of a billion suns, an archipelago in a cosmic ocean...

Leonardo Da Vinci: Our Timeless Alter Ego
Half a millennium apart, but sharing same challenge: Living ahead of your time.

Conference Papers

License to Evolve: Our Rights & Obligations on Mars [Word file]

Presented at the 3rd European Mars Society conference, Bremen, Germany

Property Rights in Space: Harmonizing commercial interests with
the visions of United Nations
[PDF file][Word file]

Paper presented to the International Lunar Conference 2003 / ILEWG 5,
Hawaii, USA
. See also article in
Space Daily

In Swedish / Svenska

Gott Nytt Millennium: Sju svenskar siar om framtiden
[RTF/Word file]

A series of interviews about the future, featuring notable and visionary Swedes in the 1990's, some whom since then have passed away.





Hans Starlife at NASA Ames Research Center, California




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