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"For a split of a second an amazing sight
Tumbling down from the cosmic night"


At the height of summer's longest day
skipping astray through veils of flowers
a girl was catching the seeds she desired:
See I reach very high, almost to the sky!

A dragonfly swirled by, joined by a bee,
like binary stars on a billowing field.
Hello little ones, she giggled and waved:
Stay here a while and play with me!

But what can become the fladders of a fly,
if not a change of the winds blowing high?
Oh no, she cried as her friends whirled away
- they didn't even stopped to say bye!

But as she stood there gazing the blue,
trying to spot where the seeds were going,
for a split of a second an amazing sight
tumbled down from the cosmic night...

A distant giant star, flamingly bright,
exploding in cascades of fusion light
from thousands of lightyears away...
They must be starseeds, she said.





Copyright © Hans L.D.G. Starlife and the Starlife Group 2009-2013. All Rights Reserved.