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It's natural for Life to expand. All species take every chance to expand to new grounds. If they can go somewhere, they will. It's programmed into their DNA, to increase their survival rate. If we Humans with our big brains - as the first species ever - opt out of this; if we choose not to reach for new grounds and resources as they become accessible, it would be something new, totally against Nature, and extremely dangerous...

Throughout my grown-up life, I have been helping people to see the big picture, understand our place and evolutionary potentials in the larger scheme of things. And especially, to understand how everything is connected. Not too long ago, we destroyed our planet's environment out of sheer ignorance. Now, however, many understand how our local & global environments relate to each other, that everything is connected. We have discovered our place within a larger system - the planet Earth.

However, we are also a part of an even larger system - the universe. But if I suggest that we now can use the resources of space to solve some problems, many environmentally concerned people would simply reject it as 'nonsense', telling me to 'grow up' and 'live in the real world'. Another common response is that "we got to take care of the problems on our world, before we go to other worlds" ...thereby suggesting space travel is irresponsible.

Many people thinks our cosmic outreach is something that has no relevance to their lives, or to the threats facing our planet. But this is exactly the same kind of argumentation people had a century ago, when we happily ignored the global effects of local polluting. Most people are only used to see one step ahead, when they actually would need to see two, three or more steps ahead.

Environmentally concerned organizations and parties supporting this stand-point represent a very shallow, short-sighted view, based on arguments intended to touch the hearts of people, rather than their brains. Arguments based on the assumption that our future will be a copy of today. That's just as flawed as when Jules Verne assumed we would travel to the Moon in spaceships looking like European estates back in ca 1850. But in our shallow world - unfortunately for our future as a species - it has fooled many people.

Now, I will be controversial: I'd say that those environmentalists & organizations supporting this view - the view that taking care of Earth now is more important than expanding our civilization into space - is not only ignorant. THEY are the irresponsible ones. THEY are the one who may doom us to extinction...

So why are these environmentalists ignorant and irresponsible? This is a pretty serious accusation, so I better explain...

The most obvious flaw is the lack of logic and objectivity in their reasoning: There will of course never be a time when we have "solved all problems on Earth", so we can allow ourselves to have fun doing other things. The building
of the future has always happened parallell with solving old problems. The construction of railroads and airports and the invention of telephones and telescopes, it has always occured parallell with helping sick, starving and suffering people, for example.






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