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Predicting the Human future, and searching for extra-terrestrial civilizations, are two research fields which are closely related.
Because if we know about advanced life elsewhere, we may also have an idea about our own future. Likewise, if we can predict our Human future, we may also get an idea about ET...

When we look up to the dark endless universe... when can't help but wonder in awe about the sheer size of our cosmos, billions and billions of lightyears of amazing phenomenons and unknown mysteries beyond our wildest imagination. We feel so lonely in this vastness. Do we, perhaps, have some neighbors out there... maybe some beings like ourselves, looking upon the stars in the night?

Or, maybe someone who is completely different. This has been a major topic in popular culture for the last century or so, resulting in countless movies about hostile, horrible, terrifying alien invading our Earth, taking our resources and eating our flesh...

However, that is Hollywood. These movies doesn't reflect the scientific view, but rather our own fears and all the horrible things we are capable of, right here on the Earth. These movies are based on the assumption that any aliens out there are like us - looking almost like us and thinking almost like us - being in our current and quite primitive phase of evolution, driven by the same needs, desires and emotions as we are. That's a BIG mistake!

Using statistical estimates, life should be common throughout the universe. So where are the ET's? Before, that question was mainly asked by a few dreamers, sci-fi fans and space exploration enthusiasts. But today, we have realized it is a question that concerns everyone of us. Because - it doesn't just have to do with the question whether we have any neighboors. It has to do about us.

If there are any intelligent alien civilizations out there, they may well be split apart from us by space, but also by time. Their technological civilizations may well have evolved for millions of years - and in only 100 years, scientists predict we have developed artificial intelligences here on Earth who are more advanced than we Humans are.

So what about someone a million years more advanced than us? How far have they reached? Aren't they bound to be intelligent machines? Or perhaps they have since long passed that stage too, becoming omnipresent, godlike energies, flying in the wind... This quest also digs into the question what life and intelligence is. So far, we have always talked about biological life & intelligence. But perhaps, this is only a temporary phase in the evolution of Nature. (cont)





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